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A coeducational liberal arts college of 1100 students located in Haverford, PA. Although not formally affiliated with any religion, Haverford was founded by Quakers, and values such as respect, tolerance, and concern for others are integral in the college community. The academic and social Honor Code, written originally and affirmed annually by the students, is a central part of Haverford. Because of the Honor Code, students are able, to a large extent, to govern themselves. Most tests are unproctored. There are few rules at Haverford that don't have to do with being respectful of others and keeping students safe. Discipline is overwhelmingly restorative rather than retributive. One can pretty much do whatever he or she wants as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Academically, Haverford is one of the strongest colleges in the country.
Student: Haverford is sweet; everyone looks out for each other, and it's like the Amsterdam of small liberal arts schools.
by Justin T August 02, 2005
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A township in Delaware county ("DELCO") Pennsylvania. Haverford is part of the "Main line" in the Philadelphia subburbs. Main roads include Darby Road, West Chester Pike (PA Route 3), Township line (US Route 1)(borders Upper Darby Township), Haverford road, Eagle road, Ardmore Ave, Manoa road, and Earlington ave. I-476 runs briefly into haverford but the West Chester Pike exit is just over the township's border in Marple Township. There is no way to get onto I-476 from with in Haverford township. Haverford is also home to the Grange estate and Haverford College. Haverford has several creeks including Naylor's run, Darby creek, and Cobbs Creek.
Haverford township is a nice quiet place to live. Did you know Haverford college is off of Haverford Road?
by Grant July 06, 2004
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A school on the main line in which marrying your money is required in order to attend.
The haverford kid purchased a new porsche with some pocket change that he found in the back pocket of his pants.
by J-Fizzle Lawtizzle November 30, 2005
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An all boys school for guys who couldn't make it in a school with girls. They think that the world revolves around ugly AIS girls (if you can call them girls) and they're full of disease.
None- i couldn't think of anything more pathetic than a Haverford guy
by Cris. P. Lettuce May 05, 2005
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AN ALL Boiz skool that is full of gay not hott (except for some) boiz. one boi got suspended for looking at GAY PORN (like two guys) in SCIENCE class.
They also play pocketballs. A game where you punch each other's balls!
Hey John wanna have some fun
Sure, what kind of fun
Oh you know what i mean
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