Is A handsome and smart young man.He is loyal and not a player yet gets alto of girls.
Be a very strong individual like Manoa.
by Your Daddy123 October 17, 2019
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One who sees life as a giant canvas.
Manoa is trying to draw
by Manoa May 23, 2008
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when you feel a feeling that you cant explain
How are you doing?”
by angelicxlilianna September 12, 2021
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This individual is handsome and very smart, yet he hides that. He will be great one day and accomplish many things in life.
Be more like Manoa.
by Anonymous775 November 22, 2021
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Manoa is a kind person, really adorable and she/he/they need.s to learn how to say « no » . they must have a lot of friends and they deserve to be loved.
Manoa is a really good person.
Manoa is the prettiest person i’ve ever met.
I trust Manoa, they are not a liar.
by November 20, 2021
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A very kind man, usually of decent from kittens, and as like a kitten: very cute and cuddly. Will be very successful later in life and can bring happiness, laughter and joy. Is a pro gamer and will soon turn pro.
That Manoa guy is soooo cool.
by Mellowie April 17, 2020
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A Kyle, man with no back bone or moral compass. Becomes a scared little bitch in confrontation instead of being a man. Overall just looks like a pussy. Can probably find him stabbing you in the back at your local dorms.
Hey look isn't that Manoa's Bitch walking over there with a limp?
by Don't Fuck With Me Pussy October 10, 2019
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