1. Slang for alchoholic beverage known for its large (pint sized) cans, cheap value (cheaper than canned soda), and large percentage of alchohol per volume (5.9%) 2. Common referance to any drink with taste resembling metallic piss water and salt. 3. Common tool for so called "Natty Baths" in which a person is covered in fiss from a shaken container. 4. Cause of more college headaches and oversleeping than studying, tool for forging of fond memories.

Warning: Never drink. If necesary drink quickly and when already drunk. Poisonous if ingested warm.
Black Man's Beer; White Boys Fear.
"Dude, I can't believe this toilet water tastes better than Natty Ice."

"Feels like smelted Iron going down, but don't get hope full cause on the way back up - and it will come back up - it tastes like Natty Ice."
by Wart the Dick May 12, 2004
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A beer best enjoyed after an exam, in a cold pilsner glass, at 1 PM after two days and nights of studying for an exam. Tastes better than Budweiser and more solute (increased alcohol) than Bud Light. This beer is a god send, when you can't afford imports such as Guiness and Aventinus or even Paulaner Salvator.
Joe: "Man, this store just has overpriced Heineken and buddy-fucker light. Let's go get a 30 of Natty Ice for 10 bucks"

Friend: "I'm not going to drink that swill I have standards"

Joe: "Okay drink your expensive American Piss Lager. I'll drink my inexpensive American Piss Lager"
by gamete0 December 4, 2008
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A pint of absolute heaven. Will you get hammered in $3.00 or less. Consumption leads to things such as shotgunning, streaking, and having sex with Katie. A fantastic "Graveyard" beer. Not to be confused or intermingled with high clas beers such as Budweiser and Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor.
Natty Ice, its not just for breakfast anymore!!!
by J. Dough March 2, 2005
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the most chill beer in the world, drank by all lax bros even some bro's from canada that cross the border ever weekend so that the sweet sweet taste of natty can be enjoyed buy all laxers in the world
guy 1- dude, i just got a 30 rack of natty ice for your party
guy 2 - that so chill bro
girl - i love lax bros, im gunna give you both dome!
by laxman00 December 15, 2010
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A trailor-trash beer that no one would drink if it wasn't so cheap and didn't have a little bit higher alcohol content than the standard.
Natty Ice is even worse than Canadian beer.
by Chernorizets Hrabr December 6, 2004
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Used to describe something that is mediocre or sub-par
"Yo...that's natty ice kid"
by Bodacious September 14, 2006
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Damn good. awesome. dank nasty. pretty much anything legit. funny because it is ironic.
That party last night was crazy, yeah it was pretty much natty ice.
by werd up mike July 30, 2008
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