A township in Pennsylvania bordering Philadelphia. Located in Delaware County ("Delco"). It is sometimes called "the gateway of Delco" because it has two main roads in and out of the city (West Chester Pike/Market street and Marshall Road)and because the 69th street terminal provides transportation to and from the city and Montgomery County. It is home of the Tower theater, Sellers library (old "Hoodland estate), and friendly people. The Township has five fire companies and a hard working police department as well as a hospital (Delaware County Memorial). Main roads include the West Chester Pike, Lansdowne ave, 69th street, State road, Township Line (US route 1),Burmont ave, Garrett road, and long lane. The township formally separated from Darby in 1786.
I am proud to live in the fine township of Upper Darby!!!
by Grant June 12, 2004
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Upper Darby
town full of whores, cheap hookers, drugs, beer, assholes, dickfaces
Man wanna go to the ghetto?
Sure, Upper Darby is a dangerous ghetto
by IPledgeAllegianceToTheUndrwrld November 10, 2011
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The biggest dump other then the city of Philly that has gone down hill due to assholes, hookers, low lives, bumbs, drugies and the dealers not to mention one of the world's biggest asshole mayors.
Wanna go to Upper Darby and grab a few hookers?
I went to Upper Darby and saved a whole bunch of money by switching my dealers.
Lets go to Upper Darby and go Bumb Hunting!
I learned today that the Upper Darby mayor is a jackass!
Upper Darby and Philly are crazy ass jungels!
by Jimmy Tracey January 14, 2006
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When you are driving through Upper Darby and someone is walking on the sidewalk. They stare your car down because you are driving and they are not.
You are driving, they are staring in anger at you for no reason.

"He gave me the Upper Darby Stare"
by Batomm April 05, 2007
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An acoholic mixture of Natural Light and Vladimir vodka. Only consumed by cheap/poor Upper Darby High School students with no jobs.
Man 1: "What did you do all day?"
Man 2: "Watched the Phillies and drank Upper Darby Dirtbags all day."
Man 1: "Wow, your a man from Upper Darby."
by skeet-cannon April 25, 2009
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It's literally Broadway in the hood.

The Upper Darby Summer Stage is minutes from Center City and the Main Line. It offers free parking, a modern air conditioned theater, and a professional venue for a variety of performances.

Each year more than 50,000 audience members travel from all areas of the Delaware Valley, from Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware Counties as well as Philadelphia and New Jersey for more than 80 performances at The Upper Darby Performing Arts Center.

Seating 1,650, the center is an exceptional performance facility ideally suited to musical, dance and theatrical productions. Its uniqueness is further accented by its diverse programs and an involvement by people of all ages that is a model for communities across the nation.
Let's go see 'Magic Up Our Sleeve' at Upper Darby Summer Stage!!
by xxbandgeekxx101 October 20, 2010
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Shit school, whole school smells like rotting ass concentrate

Weirdly enough the people that go there are boujee because they're joggers and stupid.

Mixed/Coloured Joggers will annoy to the point of wanting to kill them in that school and they're unmistakable once your inside the school. They're the boujee joggers, but still joggers so they're just subhuman but boujee at the same time. Trying to feel superior over neighboring normal minded Philadelphians will dick riding the city at the same time.
Marie: My son is starting school at Upper Darby High School

Caroline: Just go to o'hara down the street that school is full of shit literally
by FuckYall23 October 29, 2020
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