To give it a shot or try. Take a chance.
"Have a go" said one soccer player to the next referring to taking a shot at goal.
by ruggerelvis February 6, 2010
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Complaining, threatening or telling off another person.
Stop having a go at me!
I was like having a phat go at him.
by Tom January 16, 2005
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to do something that will get you funked up, or to take some of that prime shit.
"have a go at that bottle one time kid"
by dizzletron March 17, 2010
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A saying used when someone does or says something so outrageous that you can only resort to passionately saying HAVE A GO AT IT!
Vic says "my booty is looking smashing this evening."
Jacko "Have a go at it!"
by Have a go at it September 15, 2017
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To be very inept at something. Mostly used in reference to very public floundering or failure. (Shortened from "having a go at it")
...After that last shot of tequila he started seriously having a go. He tried to get up and go to the men's room but he got tangled up in the chair and took the whole table down. Awesome!
by exitflagger April 29, 2008
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When an altcoin is blowing up and increasing in value at an astronomical rate
by DUKE MKE December 19, 2017
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An ordinary person who does something heroic.
The mugger was stopped by a have-a-go hero, who subsequently was hospitalised for his troubles.
by Blarneyman October 14, 2008
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