under the beneficial effects of funk music
"Make my funk the P-Funk; I wants to get funked up."
by csimmons October 26, 2007
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The mind set to raise the energy in a boring atmosphere.
Person 1: This party is so lame bro.
Person 2: Don't worry bro when i get there I'm gonna Funk It Up.
by fat pig in comp 2 March 5, 2015
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Used todescribe something that is strange, abnormal, or plain messed-up
Bob: Josh bit Joe on the ear!
Jim: I know, it's crazy!
Random man: That is some funked-up monkey junk!
Everyone in the vicinity: YUP!
by Youttttt November 29, 2011
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When a particular individual makes that many fuck ups that it becomes reliably consistent to expect similar outcomes from said individual.
Oh no! Yet another Funk up to add to the list.
by ShibbyChiz September 10, 2022
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