The stinkiest cunt who literally no one likes. Has nothing better to do than gag on people's dicks and try to be a eshay druggo. So desperate for food he goes to steal from people without them noticing. You can smell this fag from outer fuckin space.
Person: Harsh what's your speciality?

Harsh: Gagging on salami's cock and never putting on deo!
Person: ok stinky
by Dograh April 11, 2019
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Shoes Name harsh is very bright full future . They always fall in love on attitude girl and very care full for his love and always love with one girl they never try for unusual talks . They are not intrested in other girls. They are cutest and caring and powerful person. They do anything for his love.
Harsh names meaning in hindu tradition is HAPPINESS .
by HEANRY June 08, 2019
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to absolute fuck someone over with a really nasty cuss. this then ensues many people holding their fist upto their mouths, sucking in air and saying"harrsh man haaaarsh"
nat shags dogs man
"harrrrsh man harrrrsh"

charlotte's boyfriend is gay, but he likes her mushi mushi moustache
"haarsssh dude hahhhahahrsh"

kat's face man
"off limits man, no harsh can define that"
by ivann humpolivermunnalot April 26, 2004
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A damn black indian guy who is so damn proud, thinks for himself. He is hated by all.
Hey look, there is Harsh. Go now so we don't go close to him
by Anonimous08 January 12, 2008
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In the electronic music world, Harsh is Harsh Electro. It is not necessarily dance music, but the topic is usually real, not phony sentiments, unlike many Punk and Industrial lyrics of recent and late past. Many of the distorted-driven songs are far away from mindless Techno, Rave, whatever. It is definitely more sinister than EBM (Electronic Body Music) without trying too hard. Some people think it angry, but true Harsh artists consider their creations as cathartic, the correct meaning of the word.
A compilation called "Electro Radiovengence" is the best Harsh CD I could quickly think of.
by Mikael September 24, 2006
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