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A place that bakes/sells baked goods such as cakes, breads, pies, cookies, etc. Nothing sexual about this definition.
I work at a bakery.
by TheSpencinator2012 January 21, 2012
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1. a place where marijuana is smoked.

2. the act of smoking or otherwise consuming marijuana.
1. John's place is a royal bakery. He has a ton of kind bud sitting around, and he is generous with it, he has many things to use for smoking it, he is generous with his pot and he is always sitting around smoking it. If you go to his pad you are guaranteed to get baked.

2. Pat: "What are you doing?"

Greg: "Bakery."

Pat: "What?"

Greg: "I'm in the middle of smoking a fatty."
by PMax February 12, 2008
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A Woman who has enough fat rolls to open up a large scale baking operation.
oh my god she was a total bakery! Dude nice slummin on that bakery
by dJJazzyJeff123 March 05, 2010
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A garden of pastry delights, featuring a plethora of donuts, cannolis, cookies, cakes, breads, pies, and a wide variety of other sugary, doughy pleasures. Find one of these paradises in your local downtown area where you'll spot local regulars that enjoy musing on these pastries possibly more than they love eating them. Indeed, a place to fall in love.
At the bakery, I found creamy solitude in a chocolate chip cannoli for a decent price.
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by LilahLeigh June 13, 2018
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A woman that is extremely attractive and has "cakes"(big breasts) and some hot buns (butt)
"Yo look at dat fine girl over there"
"Ah ya man look at dem cakes"
"And dat ass!"
"Mhm dat there is a bakery"
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Easily put, bakery is a term to describe some one who is extremely and heavily high or, as some call it, baked.
Dude, last night you were such a freakin bakery.
by Alan <AJ> January 18, 2007
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