A Montel is a funny, selfless, smart, friendly, confident and modest person. A Montel may be slightly irritating and paranoid at times, but their charm makes up for it. A Montel would usually be an easy person to get on with.

A Montel will usually be quite big, but will have stunning good looks.
I saw a Montel today and he was giving his friends a good time and was very entertaining.
by Montyboy August 21, 2010
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A person with a giant dick and he always has the new Jordan’s on his feet and he got all the hoes
On his dick
Girl montel gave me the best dick ever last night

Dam montel got the new Jordan’s on and got a fresh outfit
by Thyira February 12, 2018
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When you let one rip during or immediately following ejaculation.
While I was smashing with your mom, I monteled so hard.
by Aererea March 7, 2020
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An awesome man capable of doing great things. Is able to make bed time more fun and is very helpful. Likes BDSM and hardcore he dress with nyan cat underwear and makes every girl crazy. A BEAST FROM THE EAST. A PLAYER WITHOUT A GAME this man would drop the panties off of you.
He is an montell
by Mikemyersisqueermanmojamacin September 12, 2013
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its a pot head who smokes lots of weed and is a little dofine
Look at all those montels smoking weed
by captain jack10 May 12, 2010
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Hottest guy around. Amazing abs. Marist HS Quarterback. One of the top QBs in the Nation.
Person 1: Have you seen Chris Montell lately???
Person 2: You mean Chris Abtell
by beast424242 November 16, 2021
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Tall african american male. With a tremendously small testical sack. Usually hangs around over weight white females. Hes a over all gentleman if i say so myself.
Montel holmes is a incredible man. Strong dark an ugly.
by Big dog willie james January 11, 2018
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