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Greatest Culture by far. Hawaiian pride, Maori pride, Tongan pride, Samoan pride, etc. All Polynesians are BEAST!!
Look at them, they're Polynesians.
They're so beast
by Pua'ala808 September 12, 2013
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Polynesian is a group of Pacific Islanders that care about their families more than anything. They are very athletic,big,buff,and more.They can fight and do more things like cook.
Don’t fight her she is Polynesian!
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a superhuman race of big calf having , l&l barbeque eating , haka reciting, football and rugby playing beasts.
Man that polynesian dude just ran over whitey! ohhhh!
by zakk white October 14, 2007
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Greatest culture. Refers to, Cook Islanders, Samoans, Tongans, and all the other islands in Polynesia. People from there are very buff, muscular, eat heaps, recite the haka, religious and very good at fighting. Loves dancing and singing. Very Beast people.
"Wow! That guy looks so good where is he from?"
"He's Polynesian"
by Polynesian101 October 15, 2018
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People that make me question why the hell we celebrate European explorers

They made REAL discoveries, across a MASSIVE ocean, hundreds if not thousands of years before the Europeans, with far fewer resources, and, most importantly, WITHOUT MASSACRING INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS (none existed before them there)
Polynesians are the real discovering, Christopher Columbus and Magelan my ASS!
by broke ass happy man October 22, 2020
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