Greatest Culture by far. Hawaiian pride, Maori pride, Tongan pride, Samoan pride, etc. All Polynesians are BEAST!!
Look at them, they're Polynesians.
They're so beast
by Pua'ala808 September 13, 2013
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Polynesian is a group of Pacific Islanders that care about their families more than anything. They are very athletic,big,buff,and more.They can fight and do more things like cook.
Don’t fight her she is Polynesian!
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Greatest culture. Refers to, Cook Islanders, Samoans, Tongans, and all the other islands in Polynesia. People from there are very buff, muscular, eat heaps, recite the haka, religious and very good at fighting. Loves dancing and singing. Very Beast people.
"Wow! That guy looks so good where is he from?"
"He's Polynesian"
by Polynesian101 October 15, 2018
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People that make me question why the hell we celebrate European explorers

They made REAL discoveries, across a MASSIVE ocean, hundreds if not thousands of years before the Europeans, with far fewer resources, and, most importantly, WITHOUT MASSACRING INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS (none existed before them there)
Polynesians are the real discovering, Christopher Columbus and Magelan my ASS!
by broke ass happy man October 23, 2020
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a superhuman race of big calf having , l&l barbeque eating , haka reciting, football and rugby playing beasts.
Man that polynesian dude just ran over whitey! ohhhh!
by zakk white October 15, 2007
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A week long, slow process to prepare for intense passionate intimacy. It is important to note that as you got through this process, neither you nor your partner are aloud to masterbate in any form during the 7days. 1st day only observing your partners body. 2nd day exploring their body with touch or taste (avoiding genitals and lips). 3rd day allowed to kiss a little. 4th day allowed to touch sensitive areas (not genitals yet). 5th day can do passionate things but still (no genitals). 6th day try and resist each other and not be around each other too much for the day. 7th day you are free to do as you like.
Me and my girlfriend recently tried Polynesian Sex and it was incredible.
by Ikbal Muhammad January 20, 2022
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When you sit up-right, and crunch your stomach in, like you were doing a vertical sit-up. You do this repeatedly so that the food from your stomach goes down into your intestine, and you can eat more.
This is very helpful during eating competitions, and when you don't want to offend people at dinner. You can do it very subtly if you are good.
Dude, that guy dropped three stakes on my plate, what am I gonna do?
Don't sweat it man. Just work em out with the Polynesian crunch!
by Cornfed_88 December 11, 2008
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