verb - "to harsh one's mellow" - interfering with drug buzz, or bothering someone who is stoned. Can also be used for people who are just relaxing.
"Dude, can you turn off the Montel Williams show? It's totally harshing my mellow."
by Cara BG March 13, 2004
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adjective made popular by valley girls,describing a cruel or unjust circumstance. frequently paired with "way", as in "way harsh"
from the movie clueless
girls on phone
DIONNE Mr. Hall was way harsh!He gave me a C minus.
CHER Well, he gave me a C, which drags down my entire average.
by el guapo July 07, 2004
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To act or speak in a rough or an insensitive manner
The father used some harsh words when dealing with his son.
by Gerard Irick November 30, 2009
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to describe something bad in a bad situation, or if someone gets fucking roasted say that's harsh.
yo mommas teeth is so yellow the sun said she can take over , damn that was harsh
by SwagKing01 February 26, 2016
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The process of having your throat burned followed by coughing by the smoke of inferior quality marijuana.
Damn that pot is garbage *cough* *cough*, I need some water.
by Oddjob July 01, 2004
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A memorable argument between family or close friends, that is ranked on a scale of harshness from 1-10. When referring to a specific harsh it is common to use the setting of the harsh as part of the name.
Last Christmas my family got into a massive argument at a hotel, thus creating the Polynesian Massacre Harsh. Ranked a 10 on the Harsh scale.
by deezus January 06, 2010
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Description of something that isn't very good or a girl that looks bad or is a grenade, you can describe anything as harsh if it is worse than normal or of it is lame.
Jordan: Oh look some bird just added me

Oliver: ahh man shes harsh!!

Jordan: agg
by Silkyoli November 01, 2010
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