Many meanings: tight, unfair etc
1. Going into an orphanage and singing 'We are family'
2.Strapping a bomb to the bottom of a wheelchair and telling the person in it to run for his life
3. Going to the english wheelchair baskettball team and telling them to try thier luck at slamball
4. Asking a person with both arms amputated to give u a hand
by Matt November 30, 2004
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to be rude or cruel to somebody. synonyms:mean, jerkish, bitchy, bastardish, uncool, not cool
To say "your mamma's so fat, she has enough rolls to start a bakery" is harsh. For other terms, go consult another word because I seriously don't care.
by myself March 25, 2005
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Caring and loving person. Often taken advantage of but always picks himself up.
Also extremely handsome and easy to talk to. Great friend and very loyal, both as a friend and as a lover.
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The most extreme gay in this entire realm of existence. He loves older men. (Vlachos) Any older man who meets Harsh will feel a strange connection with him. This is due to a strange gay aura around him. Older man beware of Harsh.
Harsh can get older men like the amount of times Noor says "hOnEy".
by 2Literz4Lief December 07, 2018
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1) (n.) Volitile explosive bowel movement spontaneously projected out of the anal sphincter.

2) (v.) Projectile defecation

3) (n.) An Indian person's name.

"Dude, i just ate a HUGE burrito and im about to harsh myself!"
by Harsh699876 September 15, 2007
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