In the electronic music world, Harsh is Harsh Electro. It is not necessarily dance music, but the topic is usually real, not phony sentiments, unlike many Punk and Industrial lyrics of recent and late past. Many of the distorted-driven songs are far away from mindless Techno, Rave, whatever. It is definitely more sinister than EBM (Electronic Body Music) without trying too hard. Some people think it angry, but true Harsh artists consider their creations as cathartic, the correct meaning of the word.
A compilation called "Electro Radiovengence" is the best Harsh CD I could quickly think of.
by Mikael September 24, 2006
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A guy who will surely get 99.9+ %ile in competitive exams and steal seat.
I went swimming with harsh he drowned me
by Chamaria May 12, 2021
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A big pp that watches anime to succ sasuke on his own to obtain the ultimate weaboo.


Harsh "sasuke succer" bhatt
Wow, hes succing sasuke again, Harsh is a weird guy man.
by Mr.Peen May 31, 2019
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She is a very kind and nice girl who might judge you if you get on her bad side. She does complain sometimes but just live her for who she is.
Jasmin: Harsh, what do you wanna do?
Harsh: I am bored and Idk

Jasmin: sigh!
by Hellomecat February 10, 2019
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1. A strong word aimed at a close friend.

2. A personal critique when kindness would be more appropriate.

3. To be overly blunt.

4. A lack of sympathy.

5. Embarrassing someone publicly.

6. Not smooth, not subtle, not soft, not sugarcoated, not discreet, not nice, not sweet, etc

7. Inconsiderate

8. Directly to the point

9. Severe

10. Someones response when they have been shot down.

11. Bitter, like black coffee.

12. Hazardous weather conditions

13. A Declarative no.
Guy: “Hey Betty, I should take you out this weekend.”

Betty: “I’d rather stay home and eat wet dog food.”

Guy: “....harsh.”

Bettys friend: “oh my god no you didnt! Lol!”
by RicolaCoughDrops May 23, 2018
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