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Someone who is very tired in the morning, but is alive at night. He gets through the morning by drinking a lot of coffee and smoking his cigarettes, constantly having gloomy eyes.

At night he likes to drink some beers, with his eyes almost open.
Never would he do much effort to get healthy -or any- food, since he is too lazy for that.

He's interested in music and listens to almost every kind of it, except for R&B and Techno. He doesn't work long at one place, since he can't stand the pressure of waking up early.

He is very friendly, but in his own way. When he's emotional, he wouldn't easily show it to other people.
Harm thinks coffee and beer are the answers
by Herman April 12, 2005
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Hand/arms, i.e. forearms that are so pudgy that the person appears to have no wrists; the upper body's answer to cankles.
How'd that lady manage to get that watch on? She has harms.
by Libellule July 26, 2012
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When arms connect into hands. Similar to cankles, just with your arms.
Did you see hannahs harms? She looks repulsive.
by smittylicious April 07, 2009
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A southerner phrase for an action of seriously putting the hurt on or damaging some quantity of substance such as wastin no time eating food or completing a project.
He was puttin the harm on that burger somethin' fierce.
by thee radical eclectic August 29, 2006
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Main entry: H.A.R.M. or HARM
Pronunciation: \ˈhärm\

an acronym for "Hot And Ready, Man"

1a. an attractive person one has intentions of sleeping with
1b. used to describe oneself
2. an incredibly accurate appendage (i.e. arm or hand) used in sports
1a. "What about her? She looks pretty H.A.R.M."
1b. "Tonight, I'm feeling pretty H.A.R.M."
2. "Everything I shot went in—I couldn't miss. My hand was just H.A.R.M."
by Thomasaurus April 27, 2010
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Fat upper arms that, due to fattness, take on the appearance of giant hams. Hams + arms = harms.
Jojo is not a pretty girl, but when I see her harms, I get really hungry.
by Dr Kellie February 12, 2010
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