Bak is an internet accronmym for back at keyboard.
<person1> were are you?
<person2> I were afk, but now Im bak.
by Afro123 February 3, 2008
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Slang for 'back'. Lazy people use this a lot to signal their friends after they state BRB or BBL.
JohnDoe: BRB
JaneDoe: okay
(5 minutes later)
JohnDoe: bak
by Nad The Man April 27, 2006
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the state of going african on an individual.
BAK!!!(as one walks by)
by baak February 24, 2009
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Acronym for a Bad Ass Kid. It is not meant in a positive way, it means the child is naughty, disrespectful, backtalking, disobedient, spoiled, etc. etc.
"I'd whip these BAKs if I could, but I'm their teacher!"
by I know where it's at! October 20, 2009
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BAK stands for Billboard All Kill invented by the South Korean Boy Band BTS who achieved #10 on BB HOT 100 with Fake Love , got #1 on BB 200 Albums with LY_Tear , #1 on BB Digital Songs with Fake love and having all 11 tracks of LY_Tear charting on World Digital Song Sales.
Do you know BTS? They just got a BAK !
by Jeona May 30, 2018
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Comes from bak (back at keyboard). You can name a person just like that when he shows signs of anti-social behaviour. The worst case scenario is that he will find family tables as an excuse to avoid going out, despite that he will be playing video games all night.
He rejected my invitation and didn't come to my party. He is so Bak
by ilias_gr4 November 16, 2019
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In computing, ".bak" is a filename extension commonly used to signify a backup copy of a file
I moved the file contents to a .bak file
by Normal Fermented Cheese February 13, 2017
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