short for Hans Solo, aka, solo, aka alone.
Doug: Did you go to Ricks last night?
T-Roget: Yeah, but everyone hoe'd so I had to go hans.
Doug: That's complete Anderson, you won't.
T-Roget: Smoke, at least I blacked. SOP.
by Daniel Kraig December 16, 2007
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A guy with an odd pool of grey hair.

The grey hair ain't just a color, it's old semen from the local fishermen.

The definition is a guy walking with other guys semen.

"Omg did you go hans on your hair again?"

"Let's hans up his hair, I got a heavy nutsack ready to be emptied!"

"Look at that hans guy!"
by BackpackerJoe January 18, 2008
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Stands for 'How About No?', said in reply to a daft question.
"Can I shag your missus?" "HAN"
by D man September 14, 2004
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