The coolest person in the world. He's the kind of person who everyone worships. There is ofcourse also the Church of Hans and the Korhans in which are described the awesome stories of Hans. He created the earth and should be worshipped by everyone. If you don't worship him, you will go to Hell, or worse, you will never be able to know a guy named Hans!
Oh my Hans!
Hans created the earth in less then 7 days, beat that Christians!
by Person1337squared April 01, 2009
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Total badass. Always has awesome long hair. He is a motherfucking genie. And yes, ladies if you rub him hard enough he will grant you all your wishes
"you see that guy with the sweet hair"
"yeah man"
"He's a total Hans"
"No way!"
by arsenalsolo14 October 23, 2015
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super hot guy who is going to be a rockstar person someday, but he says he doesnt want to!! hes dating this girl named rebecca and im super jealous of her because hans is the hottest guy in the world!!!!
did you see that guy? he was like a hans.
man, that guy was just like that hans we saw at the party yesterday
by hansissohot February 10, 2009
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The man who memorized some numbers of Pi. He is also a sexy beast who has long flowy hair. He is related to Kirby. Who has also memorized more numbers of Pi than Hans. He is the man who always adds the last name to Matt. He would be fun to draw because he has a nice a hat. He is better than math than some Asians.

by MSooRi March 06, 2009
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