A person, A man, A Kid, A boy, Mature guy. He knows a lot yet tends to show he is just that simple. He likes to be just in the middle. Sometimes Clumsy. If entering a relationship, He can be faithful, loyal and commited to his lover. Diligent. Love to be with people. A clown witj his peers and very funny. He loves joking but when serious, He will be serious. Wise person. Yet Humble. He can learn anything even though its hard.

He is an amazing,crazy and epic man you could ever found.
This person is a Hans.
by Youuuuu_Me-cool December 3, 2017
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A person who is consistently bad ass mo-fo.
That guy was a total Hans, not a Poser like you.
by KSchizzle April 22, 2008
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A mad lad, wild champ like no other. A God like creature, the chromosome god.
"Oo.. no Hans is comming"
Person 1 - I woke up whith a extra chromosome
Perone 2 - Must be Hans
by Hattemannen November 2, 2020
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Total badass. Always has awesome long hair. He is a motherfucking genie. And yes, ladies if you rub him hard enough he will grant you all your wishes
"you see that guy with the sweet hair"
"yeah man"
"He's a total Hans"
"No way!"
by arsenalsolo14 September 6, 2015
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The coolest person in the world. He's the kind of person who everyone worships. There is ofcourse also the Church of Hans and the Korhans in which are described the awesome stories of Hans. He created the earth and should be worshipped by everyone. If you don't worship him, you will go to Hell, or worse, you will never be able to know a guy named Hans!
Oh my Hans!
Hans created the earth in less then 7 days, beat that Christians!
by Person1337squared April 1, 2009
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Person~ male in Simi Valley, CA FULL NAME: Hans Gundelinger
by Pixie64 August 5, 2008
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