Group of people that basically are the antitheses to weeaboos and are formally called Heterosexual Anime Niggas. They will keep in touch with their own culture while still enjoying Japanese related art and culture. They will also wait for the day God sends anime girls down to Earth as a revelation and will dabble with anime pussy and hot as fuck anime girls.
Person 1 (Potential league faggot): "EUGH BRO YOU'RE SO FUCKING GAY! YOU WANT TO FUCK AN ANIME GIRL!"
Person 2 (HAN): "Bitch, you're the one wasting your life away while I'm over here waiting for the day God sends me an anime girl. By then, your ass will be on the street begging for loose thot cooch, NYUHHGUH!"
by HAN Lord December 1, 2018
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A Neko who likes lemons and is also vegan
Han Han: "I'm Vegan"
by wvwioegvjiowejvwep June 16, 2017
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To copy-paste definitions of unknown words or colloquialisms in group messages, ensuring all members of the group have an understanding of the discussion.
Person 1- "Yeah man, that party was sick"
Hanner- "Sick, Slang for cool or fabulous."
Person that has lived under a rock for the last twenty years "Cheers for Hanning, I thought everyone at the party got a cold"
by TopHanner November 20, 2019
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Han Jisung- The most talented rapper in the whole Kpop industry. And I'm my opinion, world. Han was only around 17-18 when he debuted with his group Straykids with a song called "District 9" Back in 2018. He is part of the production team "3Ratcha" that has the memebers "Bangchan, Changbin, and Han" in it. He is the golden member of Straykids that is good at everything. He is a squirrel because of his squirrel like features. And his eating habit of shoving all his food in this cheeks like a squirrel. He is also scared of heights + He's obsessed with cheesecake. Who wouldn't love him? He is my ult bias after all!
Han jisung is the most adorable person ever.
by jypsbadwifi March 30, 2021
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Supper cute and nice guy that is a great listener and is really simple and well you know awesome. Really nice tan and beautiful eyes and hair.
Like I'm totaly in love with Han. <3
by baeanator August 24, 2015
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To go somewhere or do something alone (solo).
"Hey, are you going to take your piece to the kegger tonight?"
"No, I'm going han. She's got some box social with her hoodrat friends."
by CalcPimp July 28, 2009
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Friend A: Dude, you are almost as big as Han.
Friend B: I will never be as good, man.
by scurscur June 21, 2021
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