-submissive means being the opposite of dominant, hence being the bottom
-breedable means that you are fufilling of the qualities that make you able to be filled with semen
“omg did you see michael’s story today?”
“yeah, they looked so submissive and breedable LMFAO
by poopsmeller123 August 3, 2021
its when ur willing to submit to someone else in a sexual manner and are breedable
"u look submissive and breedable rn"

by yoimiya soda August 9, 2021
it’s a reference to the omega verse ..

submissive and breedable would be the omegas

and the opposite is dominate and infertile (alphas) ..
what’s submissive and breedable mean “

come find out
“…nevermind don’t wanna know “
by alfredonuggets July 23, 2021