A person who gets something valuable but didn't even put in the work for it
Bro: You see the new car drew got?
Bro 2: nah bro, its his dads car, he gave drew a handout
by 1pz2 January 18, 2020
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When you want something for free that you aren’t eligible for. Don’t confuse the word handout with financial help or government assistance. Some people are in need of help and it’s not their fault.
My older brother thinks people who get help are asking for a handout. But yet, he wants the stimulus check but he makes too much money to qualify so in fact he is the one looking for a handout and he complains because his tax dollars are used correctly and that he has to pay for everything he works for.
by Bawston69 April 6, 2020
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The teacher gave us a handout
Richard wants a handout
by ayeaye November 28, 2013
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An insanely astronomically improbable dice roll outcome that results in an unfair battle outcome in the Pogo.com board game 'RISK'.
EX: 18 guys attack 12 guys, and loses only 5 guys in the process, where the loss should have been much more.

EX: 7 guys attacks 1 guy, but the attacker still loses the battle because the defender rolls 6 sixes in a row.

Defender: "How the hell did you only lose 5 guys?" "You only had 18 guys to my 12!"

Attacker: "What? That's fair."

Defender: "You're an idiot. That's clearly a Pogo handout"
by RANDOM19831983 February 10, 2014
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when an slut/hoe performs a sexual act on you as a one off deal.
Clark got a garbage handout yesterday from Stacey.
by llbrotatoll March 31, 2016
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Where someone eagerly/effusively greets you in a super-jovial "hearty handshake" manner merely to hopefully put you more in the mood to give him a loan or ride or other gratuity that he doesn't deserve and probably will not be able/willing to pay you back for.
In one of the classic Burns & Allen shows, Gracie laughingly reads over some old love-letters from George, which are in poetry-form and are invariably glad-handouts, as in, "I love you lots, I love you plenty; I love you true, send me twenty!"
by QuacksO August 3, 2019
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