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Kind of like no nut November but instead women aren’t allowed to have sex until new years
Me: I feel bad for the guys in November.
Also me December 1: ahhhh I’m scared that No Dick December is here.
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by Bawston69 October 31, 2019

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A Caucasian male in his 40s who is the father of Jimmy Neutron. He is also bisexual and is a fan of ducks. He found out he was bi when he was 7 yrs old and sat on a banana. His hobby is ducks and going to taco shack.
Hugh Neutron: Who Care’s? We are going to taco shack.
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by Bawston69 April 15, 2020

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When you want something for free that you aren’t eligible for. Don’t confuse the word handout with financial help or government assistance. Some people are in need of help and it’s not their fault.
My older brother thinks people who get help are asking for a handout. But yet, he wants the stimulus check but he makes too much money to qualify so in fact he is the one looking for a handout and he complains because his tax dollars are used correctly and that he has to pay for everything he works for.
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by Bawston69 April 06, 2020

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Worlds most frustrating subway system. It charges an arm and leg but yet the service is equivalent to a penny. For those of you from Massachusetts, you might understand.
MBTA: The next orange line to blah blah blah is delayed due to crime nearby the Boston common via blah blah blah

Mbta: the red and blue line don’t connect. We are sorry have a nice day.
by Bawston69 August 02, 2019

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A sim mod when you are able to have your sims do dirty things. An example is having your sims at least a Teen have sex.
The wicked whims causes teen pregnancy every day.
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by Bawston69 October 18, 2019

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An insult for when something happens.
Whoever made me sneeze, ya moms a hoe.

Whoever left a rotten pumpkin in my locker, ya moms a hoe
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by Bawston69 August 29, 2019

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A restaurant item used to drink not water but is used to drink fountain drinks. This beverage is perfect for those who don’t wanna spend the extra $3
Cashier: would u like a drink?
Me: no I will take a water cup
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by Bawston69 November 23, 2019

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