A tip! Money or gift the someone recieves in exchange for a favor given. Bartender, waitstaff of slot attendent.
You gave Ron a big fat gratuity for what? The jokes on you!
by Peter September 12, 2005
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To receive or give a payment to sort for favours redendered.
I left that cheap bitch a $5.00 gratuity.
by Peter August 6, 2005
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A gratuity $5.
by Larstait November 7, 2003
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To give or recieve money for services given.

Also see tip
I left a $5.00 gratuity on the bed for the the slut
by Peter August 16, 2005
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To Pull only the tip of your penis out showing it to someone else as part of the penis showing game. This results in two kicks in the ass and being made fun of for being a fag to the person getting the gratutiy.
(around a corner) Hey Davy! You want a tip?
Yea sure.
(While kicking him in the ass) What a fucking meat gazer.
by Pote September 18, 2007
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A gesture of satisfaction, sometimes confused with a tip. However, the tip is just the start, it is only a tease, after that, you give the full gratuity.
"I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her, so I gave her the full gratuity, not just the tip."
by scott-to-trot February 7, 2010
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