why are you on that site tim theres no real words. The definition is, to leave this site. get help, seek help
by get help please October 28, 2021
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To acquire psychological aid via medications and psychologists.
Maria, I thought you went to get help for your condition?

Yeah, I tried... he denied me because I'm TOO crazy
by maximsbestgirl July 29, 2010
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The F1 button has been annoying to all steam users, especially GD players. It is toggleable, though.
Oh boy! I love this game! Hold on gotta pause... *accidentally presses F1* AW F*CK I DONT WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET HELP IN WINDOWS 10!!!!
by "D*cktionary" November 29, 2020
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A phrase some drama youtubers use to make their opinions seem more valid (when they're actually not). A synonym for fuck you and commit die.
*Youtuber gets involved in YouTube drama for views and subscribers*

Youtuber: yOu'rE sUCh a dIsGraCE tO HoOmAniTy!!1!!1!!!1!!!1!!1 gO gEt sOmE hElP!! 1!1!1!1!1!
by MinecraftBruhGod January 26, 2021
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