Getting so drunk that you piss into your hamper then somehow manage to pass out in the piss covered laundry.
Man, I got hampered last night.

Jamie: hey mike, we need to talk. Mr. Boston's Rum should be banned. Every night we drink that shit I wake up with Polaroids of us at Marty's Mexican Joint hampered

Mike: yea. Hahahahahahaha

Jamie: dude! Seriously!! No!! The donkey show is one thing, but getting banged out like a virgin rag doll by Sheila shemale is another! They know me by name at the clinic now.

Mike: yea... I just thought you were into by now
by [Black] July 3, 2014
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No, honey, uh uh. You don't want to date him. He's such a hamper. He has way too much dirty laundry under his lid; you don't want to get involved in that.
by teddyburns February 5, 2016
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British - A basket or box containing food for a special occasion: a Christmas food hamper
Welcome to Amazon UK's Hampers & Gift Baskets Shop.
by tieztoez July 5, 2016
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In the far east a lady's vagina is considered as her hamper
I placed a wad of butter inside morag's hamper.
by gibbO July 22, 2004
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English expression in use by sailors in the Royal Navy before the Second World War. It refers to large, baggy and shapeless underwear that can be male or female attire. When male it refers to the baggy shorts that were issued to both junior and senior rates at the time. When female, it refers to the baggy bloomers type of knickers with elasticated legs, the sight of which is guaranteed to turn off all but the most ardent (or desperate) suitors. In short they are the sort of thing that not even Bridget Jones would wear.
I was goin' to try and pull the bird in the flat opposite 'til I saw her peggin' out her dung hampers on the washing line.
by AKACroatalin March 18, 2015
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An object that produces a white noise (like a fan, or maybe a radio on a lower volume) that is used to make sounds audible in a very quiet environment not quite as noticeable. Noise hampers can be used to make it harder to hear you doing something you don't want others to know about.

Noise hampers explain why so many people like to masturbate in the bathroom with the shower running.
While Tyrone and Shelly were having sex, Shelly used her fan as a noise hamper so her parents wouldn't hear her moaning.

I had to find a noise hamper so I could fap in peace.
by thisplacesucksass March 12, 2014
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