A drink consisting of tequila and graded parmesan cheese, smells just like rotten eggs but tastes worst. Given to unsuspecting drunken asshole, watch fun ensue.
I just gave that asshole the dirty panties!
by D and C November 17, 2005
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Dirty pantie tea (DPT) is a drink made from soiled female undergarments. The dirty panties are harvested and boiled in water. The resulting liquid is then consumed. Proponents of DPT claim that it has rejuvenative properties; it has been called "the fountain of youth" and "an energy drink" by DPT aficionados. DPT original gangsta BL claims that his prowess with women is a direct result of consuming DPT.
Bransen loves Stephanie's dirty pantie tea.
by DPTgansta July 2, 2006
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