Fluff that grows on the human body.
Person 1: Come on, let's go now!
Person 2: Hang on a tic, just got to tie up my hair.
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by Marmite_Is_My_Life September 02, 2020
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A conclusive word that is multi purpose and expresses emphasis in various circumstances.

Hairs originated Shelburne Ontario at Pine River Institute (rehab boarding school for troubled youth) in 2009.
kid #1: dawg check this fattt sack of chrons
kid #2: serious homez thats fukn haiiiirsss b

Girl: FUck you asshole, were finished
Guy: ....hairsssss......(calls up buddies) fuck lets smoke a blunt
by randomsketchbag June 27, 2009
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People getting in the way or making too much noise in a cam.
Damit, there is hair all over this cam.
by Cuj05 January 06, 2007
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May your Sharpey's grow long and flowing like the flowing lakes of the great mountains south of Equedor.
by Juan Pablo Angle July 01, 2004
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