It hard to take care of
Makes you mad in the winter
Why do I have hair ?

Oh man it’s life I forgot
by Cool range October 27, 2019
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something that grows on your head and in random gross places like some dick hair.
via giphy
by Noe herrara May 25, 2018
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In guitar terminology, 'hair' is a type of distortion that you get on an amp. It's a minor distortion that is in addition to the clean sound.
"There's just a little bit of hair on that, can ya hear it?"
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk January 08, 2005
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Something that grows on your head. It would mostly grow on women's head. Hair could also grow in many different colors. Ex: brown, red, blonde, etc.
Hair also can grow on you private part, your butt, and your facial features.
I sure do have a lot of hair on my head.
by Purplepie05 April 08, 2015
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A furry thing that gets into your face when you sleep and grows on some living creature. It can also grow in your nose. Hair will get tangled and ruin your life, but it’s a great addition to your life!
My hair got stuck in someone’s zipper while I was in the hallway, I’m bald now.
by Person who dreams a lot September 23, 2019
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