Not really caring or worry about a matter at hand. An person with long hair or no crispy cut doesn't care about how they look, so one would say Long Hair Don't care or simply "hair" for short.
Rob: Bro, your girl what totally hitting on some guy last night..."
Todd: I don't really care, its my Hair.

Hank: Class starts in 5 minutes man, you are about to be late again...
Elliott: It's really my hair, that class is retarded anyway.
by yoboyIU May 30, 2011
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The only thing preventing you from giving your girlfriend a facial.
Beth: Don't cum on my hair! I just went to the hairdresser yesterday! *fixes hair*
Bill: (Bitch...)
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e February 12, 2008
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This is not a misprint it is hairs with an s. It means public hair.
John pulled out some of Kathy's hairs.
by Deep blue 2012 August 11, 2010
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(noun) courage, boldness, wildness, balls, especially in "show hair", to demonstrate these qualities. Probably from mid-20th cent. surfer lingo. Related to "hairy" meaning difficult or frightening.
"Yeah, he has a stripped Harley, but he's a candy-ass -- he's not showing anyone any hair."
by anarcissie May 18, 2008
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In the United States, a pilot of a hot air balloon must have a pilot certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and it must carry the rating of "Lighter-than-air free balloon", and unless the pilot is also qualified to fly gas balloons, will also carry this limitation: "Limited to hot air balloons with airborne heater".

In order to carry paying passengers for hire (and attend some balloon festivals), a pilot must have a commercial pilot certificate. Commercial hot air balloon pilots may also act as hot air balloon flight instructors.

A pilot does not need a license to fly an ultralight aircraft, but training is highly advised, and some hot air balloons meet the criteria.

While most balloon pilots fly for the pure joy of floating through the air, many are able to make a living as a professional balloon pilot. Some professional pilots fly commercial passenger sightseeing flights, while others fly corporate advertising balloons.31
The other day i was attacked by a hungry whale. It was about to finish me but then He-Man came to save me. Afterward he told me that the meaning of life is peeing on oreos.

by sukosuko waaaaaaaaaaa May 08, 2009
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stuff all around ur cock and ballas and stuff....of all different colors...some people have a lot of it an some people don't, pubes
1) there is hair on my balls, ew.
2) dude, put ur hair on ur balls away, dont show me that!
by homer simpson June 08, 2003
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