An acronym for "Grand Daddy Purps", a potent strain of marijuana popular in California. Praised quite often by the Bay Area rap scene.
Damn, that ain't no nominal GDP you got there, that's the real shit!
by Z. Stardust May 31, 2006
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GDP: Girls Do Porn. Popular tag for college dorm sex videos.
Dave: Hey, how to find those sloppy videos you talked last night?
Anthony: Just search GDP.
Dave: Thanks man, that's ace. I already found some.
by sloppy salvatore December 13, 2015
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Gross domestic product (GDP) equals the market value of final goods and services produced in a country during a given period.

GDP is an aggregate of the market values of the many goods and services produced in the economy. Final goods and services (which include capital goods, such as factories and machines) are counted in GDP. In practice, the value of final goods and services is determined by the value-added method. Only goods and services produced within a nation's borders are included in GDP.
The United States GDP in 2002 was $9,613 billion.
China's GDP in 2002 was $5,019 billion.
Japan's GDP in 2002 was $3,394 billion.
India's GDP in 2002 was $2,395 billion.
by Ward October 27, 2003
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Gobblin dick percentage. i.e. how much dick one sucks on any given day averaged out per year.
That guys GDP is well over 50 percent Johnson
by wordupgdown January 7, 2011
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ghetto dance party usually held in ones room. loud music, ghetto dancing and as many people as possible. alcohol and/or other substances can be involved for extreme gdp's. most popular in east providence.
"brit! gdp in my room right now!"

"i had like 20 people at my gdp last night, dope.
by taurasikid3 September 28, 2009
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A synonym for Global Depreciation of Pussy.
There’s been a significant GDP over the last 100ish years
by SupremePringle April 15, 2022
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the grose domestic product, is that white liquid that comes out of you after beating your meat so hard.

It's a slang synonym of semen.
while his granny was still asleep, he managed to blow his GDP neatly into his palms, and then ate it wholly without making the slightest noise; as he rolled over and fell back to sleep, right next to her.
by Y0UNG S4V4G3 June 17, 2019
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