Someone who acts srange, looks strange, and does strange things.
by AseXXyTwisT November 29, 2003
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someone who is different from everybody else, but that's okay because they're being themselves and they aren't like the fake bitches you see these days
It's okay to be a weirdo
And if someone tells you otherwise...
Tell them to shove a cactus up there ass
by Retardeling January 18, 2015
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Someone with nothing better to do than rate definitions on Urban Dictionary
by James299 July 26, 2016
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Someone who is too real for reality and doesn't give a crap about what other people think
She always wears tie-dies and does summer salts. She is such a weirdo at heart.
by a bro June 18, 2015
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The word weirdo is a harsh word that others use to make fun of people. It can also be used as a joke or sarcasm
“omg Macey is such a weirdo, I can’t stand her.”
by Truthfull person August 9, 2018
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Someone who is themselves around another weirdo.
Rules don't apply to weirdos.
They just make up their own.
You're such a weirdo.
by Lausín December 31, 2016
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Someone who is rejected by common society but is actually one of the coolest f*ckers around and needs some love. <3 They tend to get references and have a unique style. Rock on my fellow weirdos!
She is such a weirdo.
I may be a weirdo, but I love my weirdness
Being a weirdo is amazing, it's like I have my own nerd membership card.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 23, 2019
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