A term used in the case of mental disorders. Someone with a disorder who can conceal his symptoms or participate in society is considered to be high functioning.
Autism in combination with an IQ of 70 or higher is called high functioning autism.

Bill may be a psychopath, but he is capable of managing a job and family without doing seriously harm to anyone - I think he's high functioning.
by justErinn August 2, 2016
1. Sherlock Holmes

2. Not a psychopath

3. Not a hero
"Do your research, I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning sociopath."

"A high-functioning sociopath. With your number."
by The Empty Hearse January 13, 2014
A developmental disorder, usually diagnosed in childhood, where the person behaves in a distant manner and haves difficulties socializing. Some high functioning people with the condition are actually quite bright. The person with the condition is NOT retarded. In fact, as I said, some are quite bright.
High functioning autism is a developmental disorder.
by Wills0 July 1, 2009
A psychopath who has a stable lifestyle and usually possess high status and influence in society. They can be anyone- CEOs, millionaires, politicians , doctors. But inspit of their high functioning they are still people without a shred of empathy or a conscience
James Bond is a high functioning psychopath.
by Default_User September 4, 2015
a person who is mentally retarded, but can be propped up through staged appearances in limited contexts and posed in a variety of situations. High functioning attributes include an ability to overreact to real or imagined threats, denial through distraction and frequent changes of subject. May serve as cover to con-schemes when place in position of authority. Has no self awareness and therefore no ability to feel shame or guilt. Overconfidence is mistaken for strength in people with this disability. Religion is often cited in order to maintain cohesiveness and order. HFR's in positions of power attract highly loyal Sheeple followers. HFR's tend to live the paradox of the self guided puppet, yet require input from non HFR's for their material.
George W. Bush is both the commander in cheif and the poster boy for all high functioning retards.
by overqui December 6, 2006
Someone who has a stable job, disposable income and active lifestyle but does not have a primary residence.
Joe has chosen to be High-Functioning Homeless. He works and goes out with friends all the time and when he’s not traveling (like a boss), he sleeps in a trailer or at an AirBnB.
by urbancamper510 March 12, 2020
An excuse term alcoholics use to justify their continued self-destruction.
Joe: "Wow, James is drinking and it's only 7 AM."
Mike: "He's a high functioning alcoholic. He says he needs it to function."
Joe: "So he's a severe alcoholic who needs help then."
by Super Thicc November 22, 2020