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1. Home Box Office, a quality channel airing shows such as The Sopranos and Sex and the City, as well as Oz.
2. Something my manager at McDonalds used to yell out randomly. Stands for "Hang Bag Out", a technique used in the drive-thru to reduce customer wait times. Normally you'd hang the bag(s) of food out as the person pulls up to the window so they don't have to wait forever for their order.
1. "I think I'll see what's on HBO tonight"
2. "Remeber, James, HBO or else our drive-thru times are gonna be very high."
by Tengu November 01, 2005
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a member of a gang that carries out death sentences.

derived from medieval times, where a headsman would behead criminals or traitors in public executions.

see hitman, executioner
Ser Ilyn Payne AKA The King's Justice was the royal headsman for King Joffrey I Baratheon's court in the 'a song of Ice and Fire' saga.
by Tengu March 06, 2007
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someone who goes the extra mile; i.e. an over-achiever. can also be spelt go-heart. stems from the term 'go-hard' which essentially means the same thing, but this is the mutated form of that word.
don't be such a go-hart

he's a real go-hart, he got like 99% on his test and was so pissed off
by Tengu April 12, 2006
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A stupid person. 'idiot' describes someone that is stupid, but adding '-stick' denotes that the person is as dumb as a stick.
You missed the field goal? an 18-yard attempt?! Fuckin' idiotstick.
by Tengu March 31, 2005
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sarcastic. used when denoting someone's lack of intelligence, i.e. they try an idea and it fails miserably.
"Nice Job, brainiac." emphasis must be put on 'brainiac' or else it loses its effectiveness.
by Tengu March 31, 2005
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French Canadian curse word, roughly equivalent to 'dammit!' or 'shit!'

Pronunciation: ka'-lehce

Follows tabernac. French Canadian swear words are modeled after the Roman Catholic Church, as opposed to other curse words that are modeled after sexual acts or bodily functions/parts.

Don't say this around a French Canadian priest or an older person.
"ce n'est pas assez? chalice!!!"
(it's not enough? SHIT!)
by Tengu December 19, 2007
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