A self-loving narcisistic cable channel celebrating sex,crime and death.The HBO Original Series are mostly mocking men, unless they're gay, showing them to be complete buffoons and in need of a woman's understanding and discipline.(Sopranos,Curb Your Enthusiasm,Arliss). Of course it's TV, it's not a washing machine. Where you gonna go to watch it? A movie theatre?
Did you see Real Sex on HBO last night?
Yeah. Ugly fat chick with a feather sticking out of her ass. Gimme more of that. MMM. They show real people! Fuck!

HBO has a series with violence or gratuitous sex or homosexuality? Give that show an Emmy!

Sex and the City has a huge gay fan base.
Really? I don't know any huge gay people.
by FrankC March 8, 2004
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An acronym for Help a Brother Out, menaing to help out a friend who needs something from you. It's like BBH
GUY#1-"Sorry man, i can't give you money right now"

GUY#2-"C'mon bro, HBO."
by Phresh Kid June 28, 2009
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The HBO was hidden under the Sphinx's paw.
by Mr.Zogrebginald August 19, 2013
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"Frank lock the front door"..... why.... because theres a HBO out there...true..
by bobsagetmb12 November 8, 2010
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an acronym for Head Blown Off.

Occurs when a woman is giving the best head ever and the man comes so hard it shoots all the way down into her belly.

A flattering nickname that all started with Misty's first experience with performing fellatio.
Have you ever met Misty? She is a real HBO kinda woman.
by the original HBO February 12, 2013
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HBO aitch bee oh
for some in the US this would represent a television channel, but for Australians it's defined as Hot Boy Orgie or orgy.

It's used as a term to describe attractive young males. You can use HBO to describe a singular person, a group of people, or a somewhere could be full of HBO's.
Or you can say Im having HBO, should you be on the job.

It derived from a local Ballarat boy who went to Amsterdam with his friend and yelled Hot Boy Orgie, from the top of hotel roof to the entire city. HBO then spread and is widely used within Australia and the UK as a term for hot boys.

Both gay and straight people may use the term.
Im having HBO tonight
I had HBO last night
I need HBO
It's full of HBO's
there's HBO everywhere
by wozza_melb May 6, 2009
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Response to when someone asks you id you want to Netflix and chill.
-Guy: ayy gurl wanna Netflix and chill?
-Girl: how about HBO and No.
by TheToxicChad October 27, 2016
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