Like "Netflix and Chill" but more intense - considered a luxury and more direct. When you HBO and Bone your future is sealed, put some GoT and enjoy.
Zack: "Yo lisaaa wana netflix and chill?"

Lisa: "no fuck that I'd rather HBO and Bone"
by Vito De Tito September 17, 2015
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A girl you are only dating because she has HBO and lets you use her HBO GO password.
Janette is just my HBO Ho until this season of Game of Thrones is over.
by beeradz May 13, 2014
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Internet Please tell me why you hate HBO max. HBO Max Has Almost Every DC Movie And Show It Also Has Game of Thrones And I Adds New Movies Every WEEK. some of the highest rated subscription services barely Add new movies or show for years. NETFLIX has only 9 seasons of the walking dead and the 11th season is coming out soon if not already out and its well over 1 BILLION dollars in debt. HULU what dose hulu have that HBO Max doesn't. M.O.D.O.K. you might say well that show sucks. Disney+ The Exact opposite of Disney+ is HBO Max an that's a good thing.
dude 1: yo bruh wanna watch TV
dude 2: sure bruv wada you wanna watch?
dude 1: i was thinking Game of Thrones?
dude 1: chill out bro. Im downloading it on the computer and then im gonna screen share it onto your TV.
dude 2: OH!... Sorry ma bad bruv its just...HBO Max On A TV is god awful. It's slow,It Barley has anything to watch and every time you turn up the volume it crashes.
dude 1: no problem bro. HBO Max On TV Sucks BUT On Everything Else Its AMAZING.

Now You Know Why Most People Hate HBO Max.
by Stallone Malone July 28, 2021
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Someone who relies on historical information from HBO and other movies/series.
For instance, Chernobyl, they think the Rod caps jumped, Think Akimov pressed AZ-5, and other crazy inaccuracies that make the show almost unwatchable .
"Hate those HBO-Tards, useless fuckers them lot."
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A person, usually a close friend, to whom you lend your HBO GO account.
"Hey, boo, can I have your HBO GO account and password?"
"Sure! You can be my HBO HO!"
by bulgarianflash December 1, 2016
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When you exit a relationship at its peak in order to avoid all the bad things associated with the downfall of a relationship. It may also be used to stay friends after a relationship.
"I can't believe Joe and Jill broke up! I thought they were so happy!!!"
"Yea well Joe pulled an HBO, he didn't think it could get any better, he was so happy, that he wanted to break it off and stay friends with Jill."

"Jen, I need to put an end to this great relationship and pull an HBO. Friends forever, right?"
by B.Evan.B January 11, 2008
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Getting sucked off by your girl whilst watching HBO
Guy 1:why was u not at the partay last Night bruh?
Guy 2: yo me and ma gurl we was doin' HBO and head
Guy 1:i feel u fam
by 429blazeit247 February 4, 2016
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