Overreacting to something. Making a scene about something that is not as big as it really is.
Brent: OMG!!! The cops are here! the cops are coming! they are watching us!

Ash: Stop it..you are being so H1N1...it's just a dude sitting in his car.
by wishiwasflying November 1, 2009
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It's simply the technical name (strand) of the Swine Flu. Instead of calling it the Swine Flu, the idiots at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) had to name it something to make it sound more extreme.

Basically H1N1 (Swine Flu) is just like the ordinary flu, only lacks a vaccination. TamiFlu works fine on it.
CDC People: The Swine Flu will no be called...*booming voice* H1N1! This is because we think half of the world studies viral strands.

Me: Why?
by Da Milkman May 25, 2009
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H1N1 is the official Postal/Zip Code of the Swine and other Suidae species. Should not be mistaken with H1N1 virus as it is only a fiction created by the government to intimidate moronic Homo-Sapiens.
Guy 1: Hey, nice pig you got there. Where did you get it from?

Guy 2: Thanks! Well, I bought it from Mexico, I dont know the exact address but I'm definitely sure its Zip Code is H1N1.
by Jan Nam. November 23, 2010
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A fake disease the government made up so that people would freak out and spend a lot of money on fake vaccines
Bobby: OMG I am so safe since I got the Swine Flu vaccination for just 10 dollars
Random scholar: you do realize that the symptoms of the H1N1 are the same as any normal flu or common cold which cold be avoided by washing you hands before you eat

scholar: ?
by joe jim bob May 19, 2010
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My hard one in your nice one


My hard one in your nasty one
Matt said "let me give you the H1N1 vaccination shot"

Bubba said "I gave her the H1N1 last night and now she can't walk"
by TtheU October 29, 2009
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Used to describe something that's really sick (in a good way).

Best when referring to a heavy dubstep tune.
"That song is h1n1."
by baconface. December 11, 2009
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Meaning sick. In the way skaters say it.

Not to be confused with people having shitty immune systems.
by Thizzlebot November 9, 2009
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