The common cold to most is just a basic illness.
To me, it's a 1/2 gallon of orange juice and a roll of toilet paper, because I ran out of tissues.
Me : I have The Common Cold, well I guess it's time to go get some orange juice and toilet paper.
by MisaMadness May 20, 2009
HOST:What word in the dictionary would Joshua be?
KIA: "Common-Cold"
Host: "That's two words"
Kia: "Not if I can help it, add it to the dictionary"
Host: "If it gets added, I'll give you that"
Kia: "To all people, please accept so I can win this. Your vote changes lives!"
by YouKnow...ThatGuy January 11, 2019
An example of something vital, or something forgotten
Steve: I feel like i forgot something
Joe: What'dya forget?
Steve: I dunno...probably something vital like the Cure-to-the-Common-Cold...
by LeeAnne R June 13, 2007
"So, it turns out I have HIV."
"It's ok man, just think of it as African common cold."
by FilmSchoolTroll February 25, 2013
reffered to HIV/AIDS but..... this is the point when someone infected by AIDS has contracted a cold, and there is no turning back...
also known as deadly aids.
person 1: did u hear about honey?
person 2: yea, i hear he had the not so common cold?
person 1: well god rest his soul.
by dawordspecialist June 25, 2007
Stripping down to your boxers, covering yourself in warpaint, running around the neighborhood, screaming + brandishing a spear.
by nouns May 17, 2011