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Another fine American establishment that started fairly decent then took a sharp turn for the worse around the time Disney started to get involved.

There are multiple kinds of McDonald's people:

1. The Hater: The person who claims he or she hates McDonald's so much, yet you always manage to see old wrappers in their cars, houses, ect. but yet they still hate it.

2. The Salad But Not Really Person: This person walks into McDonalds assuming they are going to pick up a plate of cheap, E-Coli ridden foliage, yet they come out duel-wielding Big Mac's.

3. The Calorie Counter: Basically this is the one who asks for information on how many calories are in one chicken sandwich. These are the people that cause the prices to raise because they have to waste ink printing out their information that they obviously cannot see is already on the box...which is covered by grease.

4. The Complainer: If yelling kids playing in a jungle gym full of moldy food isn't enough, these people make the experience even worse. First they complain that there is nothing on the menu they want, then they complain their food is cold, then they are befuddled because they couldn't get the extra salt on their fries they wanted.

5. The Pig: This person goes in, orders 6 Big Mac's, 4 chicken sandwiches, 3 Diet Coke's, all for one person. This person finishes every last crumb to be in existence, and later goes home to find something else to consume.

6. The Locals: Essentially, the elderly. These people come to McDonald's, order coffee, perhaps eat some of those apple slices, all is good, except for when someone is sitting in their seat...

7. The Egotistical Employee Who Comes In On His Day Off: These people work for McDonald's, come in, start talking with their friends, while the rest of us wait while our food gets cold.

8. The Drive-Through Person: This person can never get out of their car or off their cell phones for more than 3 minutes, hence they order from the drive-through, leaving 60 people working at the drive-through yet there is one counter closed, while 2 more are resumed by trainees who can't figure out how to remove the 600 extra milkshakes they added.

McDonald's is one of those things you just accept or you don't, nothing else.
Person 1: Dude let's go to McDonald's!

Person 2: Sure. I could use a heart attack.
by Da Milkman April 25, 2009
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The newest flash game to hit the internet. It happens to be a barbarian-style game in which you spam someones email, they fight you, you get "EXP" (experience points), and so on.

This game is particularly annoying, as people create loads of links to their stupid "Brutes" on forums. People spend way too much time on this game.
Person 1: stupididiot12.mybrute.com

Person 2: What is that? Sounds like a place for sickos.

Person 1: NO WAY! MyBrute is the best new flash game that gives you zero control EVER!
by Da Milkman April 25, 2009
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A store that sells average items made by cheap labor. Everyone seems to forget even those "small family stores" buy things that were made in laborious countries too.

Wal-Mart often takes the blame for "closing" smaller stores. While this may be somewhat true, if the smaller stores would have expanded, they would have had a shot to survive.

Wal-Mart takes everything you must normally go to multiple stores for, and combine it into one. Many people moan about it sucking / being for poor rednecks, but the fact is everyone goes there at least once in their life to pick up something they need. There is nothing really wrong with the store. The store does sell cheap clothing, but who cares? That store Steve & Barry's (went under by the way), had cheap clothes yet people thought it was the greatest thing.
Wal-Mart combines everything into one. Filled with normal people who complain for no real reason, as if they care about those "small stores" anyway.
by Da Milkman July 26, 2009
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A regular ordinary MP3 / MP4 player that costs 10x more than the standard player.

It's basically an item one tells themselves is better and more qualified than any other media device, yet it requires installing bullshit iTunes, using some special cable that costs an arm and a leg instead of the standard USB 2.0, and ultimately becomes a useless piece of shit when the screen gets scratched.

It's also got an overrated battery that lasts about 40 minutes.
Person 1: DUDE! I just got a new iPod.

Me: *facepalm*

So many people like iPods and are so convinced they are the best, I will be surprised if this comment is even approved.
by Da Milkman July 5, 2009
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The people who register on messages boards, post one time, then disappear, never to be seen again.

The post that they post is usually a nonsensical one that only a select few might understand, but normally leaving much to the imagination.

A One Post Wonder may contain anything from smileys, the word "Hi", to the more common spam.
One Post Wonder: Hi! :D


Member 1: What was that about?

Member 2: I've got no idea.
by Da Milkman November 14, 2009
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A game that used to be good, until the people who make Warrock decided to prefer payed users instead of the die-hard free users that used to have fun playing. Now free players are restricted to horrible guns, and cannot download as many custom maps or content. Filled with hackers who can't play the right way, crying 10 year old children, and idiots who like to make movies and lag out the game. Warrock is a more expensive knock-off of Battlefield 2, only instead with crappier graphics and non-existent armies.
Person 1: Hey man want to play some Warrock?

Person 2: Why? So I can get bitched at by some child who claims I'm a hacker since I shoot him in the head for hiding in the same spot?
by Da Milkman February 1, 2009
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A game that for some odd reason people seem to find amazing.

It has no realistic approach to teaching people how to play a REAL guitar, it gives kids a false sense of being able to play an instrument, they go and start a crappy band, realize it is indeed crappy, they end up shooting up drugs, get HIV, and die...

All because some ridiculous game.
Person 1: DUDE! I just got the new Guitar Hero!

Me: Which version are they on?

Person 1: 5932!

Me: Oh...can you play the guitar yet?

Person 1: No. ;_;
by Da Milkman June 5, 2009
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