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A decent browser, loads of extensions, ect. It's gained more popularity than any other release of Firefox, and now owns about 40% of the browser market share. Nothing major, just a browser.
I downloaded Firefox 3 yesterday because Internet Explorer is too insecure for me, and Opera is too much great browser to handle.
by Da Milkman June 3, 2009
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"Fail" is a word that is more than often overused online. Unfortunately it has spewed into mainstream society and now is being used in every day life, much like "epic".

People who "fail" generally are not even trying to accomplish anything, or they simply do something different than you. This word is most commonly used by annoying teenagers (who put a bad reputation on gaming), who shout "FAIL!" every time someone makes a slight error.

If you point out an obvious flaw by saying "FAIL" you're obviously a failure yourself for having lack of logic.
Kid: I just tripped because someone...tripped me.

Idiot who doesn't use logic to realize it wasn't the kids fault for being tripped, it was actually the other persons fault: FAIL!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
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A store that sells average items made by cheap labor. Everyone seems to forget even those "small family stores" buy things that were made in laborious countries too.

Wal-Mart often takes the blame for "closing" smaller stores. While this may be somewhat true, if the smaller stores would have expanded, they would have had a shot to survive.

Wal-Mart takes everything you must normally go to multiple stores for, and combine it into one. Many people moan about it sucking / being for poor rednecks, but the fact is everyone goes there at least once in their life to pick up something they need. There is nothing really wrong with the store. The store does sell cheap clothing, but who cares? That store Steve & Barry's (went under by the way), had cheap clothes yet people thought it was the greatest thing.
Wal-Mart combines everything into one. Filled with normal people who complain for no real reason, as if they care about those "small stores" anyway.
by Da Milkman July 26, 2009
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A game that for some odd reason people seem to find amazing.

It has no realistic approach to teaching people how to play a REAL guitar, it gives kids a false sense of being able to play an instrument, they go and start a crappy band, realize it is indeed crappy, they end up shooting up drugs, get HIV, and die...

All because some ridiculous game.
Person 1: DUDE! I just got the new Guitar Hero!

Me: Which version are they on?

Person 1: 5932!

Me: Oh...can you play the guitar yet?

Person 1: No. ;_;
by Da Milkman June 5, 2009
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The annoying alternative one uses on a forum instead of using "topic". The only forum software known to man that uses "thread" is VBulletin.
Noob: This is a funny thread!

Pro: Shut the hell up you retarded noob, it's called a topic.
by Da Milkman February 25, 2009
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The newest game to be released in the Battlefield series. It is free to play, the only thing that will cost real money, perhaps, is clothes and such.

The only current bad thing is that it's still in Private Beta Phase 2, meaning you need a key, so the forums are spammed with people asking for others keys.
Spammer: Can I have your Battlefield Heroes key? I really want to play...

Me: Yea, my key is.....SORRY, NO KEY FOR YOU.
by Da Milkman April 8, 2009
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A regular ordinary MP3 / MP4 player that costs 10x more than the standard player.

It's basically an item one tells themselves is better and more qualified than any other media device, yet it requires installing bullshit iTunes, using some special cable that costs an arm and a leg instead of the standard USB 2.0, and ultimately becomes a useless piece of shit when the screen gets scratched.

It's also got an overrated battery that lasts about 40 minutes.
Person 1: DUDE! I just got a new iPod.

Me: *facepalm*

So many people like iPods and are so convinced they are the best, I will be surprised if this comment is even approved.
by Da Milkman July 5, 2009
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