To drink a drink at a fast rate or to eat a food item at a fast rate.

Term coined by: Brielle Ganah
Yo did you see Stacie guzzling that water after her run?
by Meme meister August 26, 2016
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oral sex or blowjob which results in a gargling noise being emitted.
1.i came on her face and she went guzzle guzzle.

2. honey ive had a hard day its time for guzzle guzzle
by barnes ladz July 10, 2009
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When a chick/girl drinks a mans semen or cum
ME-- Yo Jenny gave me a Blow-Job
Otha Dude-- Sick did she guzzle you !?!?!
ME--- You Know It Dawg.
by Keif da Cheif August 2, 2009
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Being shoved into a giraffe's telephone pole that tries to tape a pelican to a bagpipe
Bartholomew: Wow spongebob is mad at that jelly fish...
Chad: He's being guzzled
by Caveman2themax March 5, 2019
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to drink in a fast manner
In the words of the black populance, "Guzzle my jizz bitch."
by Side-Show September 25, 2003
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to drink, or sometimes eat, greedily, frequently, or plentifully
They spent the whole night guzzling beer.
by Ruwin February 27, 2014
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