Otha is an emotion rather than an just a tamil equivalent of the F word.

It can be used interchangeably with "Watha" which is literally the same word but with a 100 times more emotion.
Otha is an exclamation, a period, something that starts a sentence, can start a fight or even start a new bond.
This word must be embraced by everybody for the sheer beauty that it is.
Other forms of otha include : Watha, Ngotha, Gotha, Watha but the tongue also sticks out
Dude : "Watha who are you?"
Granny : "Eehhh, your grandma!"

Dude 1: "Otha I failed again bro."
Dude 2: "Me too bro!"
Dude 1:"Ngotha you da best da!"
by rahsuT riaN April 17, 2020
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Otha is a tamil word and also most commonly used in the Chennai City. It's usage is similar to the word "Fuck". Always used in the starting of the sentence.Native speakers pronounce it "thaaa..".Used to express our frustration. It can also be used in happy mood, this word is an all rounder type Some of the examples are
1) otha, kirukku koothi maari panadha da
2) otha, epdi iruka maamae
3) otha naa saava poran da punda
4) otha, sootha mooditu poda thooma
Otha ena da mayiru maari panirka.
by Regsinn March 2, 2021
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"Otha", also called gotha, is a word in Tamil which is used when you are all hyped up. You can use is for good as well as for negative purposes. You cannot hear an awesome word than this in Tamil language.
Otha yaaru da ne Sunni Payale?
by Neymar Jr fanpage February 22, 2022
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A name that -
In Old English the meaning is:
Little wealthy one.

In Xhosa & Zulu the meaning is:

-(South African)-
*to bask in (both)
*to warm oneself (Zulu)
: to lie or relax happily in a bright and warm place : to enjoy the attention and good feelings expressed by others

In Tamil the meaning is:

' The F-Bomb '
Otha loves Extra Extra Buttery popcorn and cheesecake as his favorite snacks.

Valuing his siblings, nieces, and immediate family with the Bay Area the most; Otha Shamburger IV was defined for witnessing the value withi all of God's creative luxuries.

Duuda Blvk said to his siblings, V-Mac and Jazzy, "Our brother, Otha, is poop!"
by OHaaaaM 'OzH' YeGNOS December 26, 2018
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This amazing and wonderful name otha means go fuck urself and people who are named otha looks very sexy and girls will call them
He is my friend otha!! Isn't he gorgeous
by Gomtha November 24, 2021
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Guy1: I bought a Windows phone?
Guy2: Otha, Of all the phone in this planet, you've got a windows phone.
by JonVader July 9, 2016
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