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brielle is the shitttt. she is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, unique, and interesting girl. brielle is a sweetheart. she is awesome at everything she does. brielle may seem shy at times, especially if she likes you, but once she gets to know you, you'll see what a gorgeous girl she is, inside and out. she loves music, and can really sing too. brielle is athletic. she's into any kind of sports. she also adores everything from puppies to the ocean and you, if you treat her right. everyone wants to be brielle. all the girls are jealous of her and all the guys want her. mess with her or her friends and she'll kick your ass. go ahead, talk shit about her. she doesn't care, she already knows she's better than you. if you ever meet a brielle, treat her right because you don't want to lose her.
"Look at that girl! She's smart, funny, and beautiful. She must be a Brielle."
by Soon To Be Famous July 27, 2009
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An all around,absolutely amazing girl.A great friend,She listens to your problems and gives back positive advice.Shes so nice,but dont get her pissed off or mess with her friends or loved ones.She will kick some major ass.She the best,most amazing girlfriend anyone could possibly ask for.She truly is beautiful,inside and out.She is so gorgeous.And she touches the lives of eveyone that she has met.She is/could be a Jersey girl and loves fist pumpin.Lovin Blood On the Dance Floor.An animal lover.And very smart.Has an incredibly cute voice.She has a tremendous capacity for love,and is loved back just the same.There is no one word to describe her.Even the most beautiful,most delicate words could not even begin to describe her beauty.Many people admire her,and love her for who she is.She may not realize how amazing of a person she is,but to others,she is the best.And she is loved and perfect.
1.Over the summer 2009,I met a beautiful girl and I quickly fell in love with her.3 months later I asked her out and I still love her.And everyday I ask myself,how did I get so lucky,to have met this girl.Shes my Brielle <3
2.Whoa,shes gorgeous!And perfect!She must be Brielle ;)
3.Have you heard of the song So In Love by the Icarus Account?Its such an amazing song.Its our song.I love Brielle :)
by Dear Love,Pika Pika :) March 09, 2010
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BRIELLE is sweet pretty and funny.
once u meet u will love and never want to lose her.once u are her friend treat her right because once u lose her u will regret it for life.she is amazing she will be your best friend for life.she is athletic smart,funny and amazing at soccer. she will be the most amazing person u ever meet. most people call her a goddess.She will love u care about u and that is special.When u meet her u will instantly want to be her best friend and would want to be exactly like her.She is amazing and u will never forget her once u meet her.She does not care about outer beauty she loves whats on the inside. She is so gorgeous on the outside and the inside.
wow was that brielle she is gorgeous
she is soo nice
by babyblue2424 October 02, 2016
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the most amazing girl ever. she is very hott too. if you want to smile then you can talk to this girl because she will make you smile like you never have before.
"im in a bad mood"
"hey why dont you talk to brielle, she'll make you smile"
"thats a good idea"
by planbskate1019 June 14, 2009
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The cutest baby one will ever see! She likes music and TV. She rarely cries but don't mess with her when she is hungry! Her hair always smells good!
"Look at the cutey, she must be Brielle!"
by Laurelflower March 14, 2009
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the most amazing girl out there. she is a trustworthy girlfriend and will never lie to you. shes sooo hott and sexy i just wanna bang her. her ass is beautiful and perfect and shes amazing at hooking up with people. usually tan but ofcourse has a beautiful body, and face! she's got great boobs and is what any guy would ever want. call her a hottie and you'll win her heart! all people want to be brielle!!
"Hey did you see that girl walking down the street?"
"Yeah she was soo pretty, she looked perfect!"
"Then her name must be Brielle!"
by i<3brielle!!! June 16, 2009
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The coolest place in the whole wide world. Spanning from the wonderful Agnes to the point bridge. Town pride like you would not believe if you dont live here, then that sucks. Blazer pride, all day.
by wbs. March 26, 2009
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