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A girl so beautiful, it can bring you to tears. Popular and adored by all the boys, but she's only after guys who will treat her perfectly right. She has the perfect smile, eyes, and doesn't need makeup to be the prettiest girl in school. Can make anyone laugh and cry with her large personality. Has lots of friends but always wants to include those who don't. A devoted Christian. Stubborn and isn't afraid to speak her mind. The girl of your dreams. If you're lucky enough to get her, don't let her go.
{See that girl over there? She's radiant. She must be a Stacie}
by Hheheehehe December 16, 2012
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Playful. High Spirited. Athletic. Kick your ass intense. Dedicated to family and friends.
Who was that streaker?!
Oh it must have been a Stacie.
by Taryn2014 December 10, 2010
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A Girl whos voice is so beautiful it can bring a person to tears. She is as sweet as can be and always has a great big smile on her face. Her big brown eyes are always wide open and she is beautiful inside and out. She will always speak her mind, even if doing so gets her in trouble from time to time. But as sweet as she is, dont ever cross her, because then you will see her dark side that she isnt afraid to use when she has to. She is one of the strongest people you will ever meet, and she will always be there for the people she cares about!
Boy 1: wow did you hear that girl sing
Boy 2: YES! Dude, her voice almost made me cry
Boy1: Whats her name, I want to marry her
Boy2: I dont know man, but its probable Stacie
Boy1: Yeah... That makes scence.
by thebestfrinedtoyou July 12, 2011
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So fuckin hott that you don't even want to call her Stacie...instead you call her Stacilicious!
Damn Stacie is so fine!

I know I wanna hit that Stacilicious ass!
by Stacilicious September 08, 2008
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sooo hot! everytime you see her, you melt. she has beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. everytime you see her you just want to take her to bed. she's an amazing lover. faithful as can be, and very much in love with her boyfriend. every man needs a stacie in their life, she's the kinda girl you'd want to marry.
the kinda girl you meet randomly and never EVER forget. STACIE.
by babes2k10 August 28, 2010
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The hottest chick that anyone has ever met! No one can compare to her beauty. They are amazed by her smoking hot body & super cute smile. They fall in love for her green/gray/blue eyes that are like no other. No one has ever been known to resist her. She is like a sex god that can turn any man or woman on. She has been given names like Stacilicous, Hot Mama, Flawless, and Lucious God of Lust.
Boy: Man that girl is fricken hot!

Boy #2: I know! Her name is Stacie..but i like to call her Stacilious!

Boy: I'd tap that
by Lucious God of Lust May 27, 2010
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Stacie: A girl that will save your ASS in a writing class, reads Nora Roberts like there is no tomorrow, LOVES chemistry and physics, you won't be able to get off your mind, will forget to text you back for weeks, can read you like a book,is only about 5 feet tall(but it makes her look cute), reads Nora Roberts like there is no tomorrow, and has the sexiest glasses and most glamorous hair on the planet; oh, and did I say she can talk nerd with thy self!
Stacie: "you look like you are about to say something"
Guy cannot understand how she knows this.


Stacie: "Um, yeah you can come over. That's alright, I have to do a paper too, but I can help you."
by The; Guy November 22, 2009
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