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(guh-turd) A mixture between being Haggard, in the gutter and almost always being intoxicated from some substance no matter what time of day; usually the funny guy at the party who always takes something just a little bit too far.
Look at Perry over there, he's pretty shitfaced.
(2 hours later)
Oh, fuck! Who shit in the microwave and put it on defrost? Perry?! Was it you? Man, you're guttered bro!
by Jaclay February 25, 2010
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Under the influence of intoxicating substances to the point of being out of control.
God I was so guttered last night.
He is so guttered he couldn't get it up.
by Weezhard January 31, 2003
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when you are ultimately shamed out or down. mainly used for commenting on someone else's failure.
jess: did you hear how jack fell down the hill?
joel: guttered, man.
by Citronic July 12, 2009
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