Good word for hideous.

Extremley ugly or just plain shit, can be used as an insult or a comment

The original word means tired or gaunt, but has developed into an insult.

1)Describes a person (insult)
2)Describes anything else (comment)
1)Bettsy: Shit....that chick is fucking haggard.
B Rad: True that....

2)Dugong: Oh shit, i just made the most haggard pancakes
Bettsy: Ugh man, wtf....
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 1, 2007
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Fucked Up, Messed Up, Wrecked, Generaly Totaled, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (FUBAR), Sketchy, Shit

Usualy Used By Moshers Since The Release Of The Bam Margera Film Of The Same Name
Mosher One: What Do You Think Of That Car
Mosher Two: That Is F**King Haggard
by 2912Clover January 4, 2006
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1. An underground film directed by MTV's Bam Margera. Based off the real life events that occured during Ryan Dunn's rocky relationship with an ex. Ryan Dunn, with help from friends Falcone (played by Brandon Dicamillo, Viva La Bam) and Valo (played by Bam Margera), follows his promiscuous girlfriend Glauren around as she shacks up with rocker Hellboy (played by Rake Yohn, Viva La Bam) and other men during her frequent dalliances.

2. Tore up

1. "Did you know in the film Haggard, Brandon Novak's character Dooley was also the name of Novak's real life dealer in Baltimore?"

2. "Hi, I'm Ryan Dunn and I'm about to get towed through these haggard ass corn fields and get annihilated."
by jdogg01 March 17, 2006
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Worn out, Beat up, Used, Ripped, Untamed, Torn, Dirty. Haggard is a clothing style(worn flannel shirt, dark ripped jeans, torn vans slipons, old pair of aviator glasses.) Having Napppy long untamed hair, a beard, and an eye patch with a bottle of booz also aids in being haggard. 'Haggard' is also a movie by Bam Margera, and Ted Haggard is a Preacher and newsman (although he is far from haggard).
Becky: Did you see Bryans outfit today? So gross, hes wearing all old & ripped clothes- his hairs a mess and he has food in his beard.

Lucy: Yeah tht kids fuckin haggard!
by Bryan Flark January 27, 2009
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The state of a person who has just taken a marijuana rip bigger than said person can handle. Signs of haggardness generally include:
-Uncontrollable coughing
-The demanding of hydration, sometimes in a violent manner
-Physical rejection (pushing away, knocking over, throwing) of previously used piece (Bong, pipe, bubbler) that has caused haggardness

Stoner #2: .....Haggard, man...haggard...
by Crispy Onions October 13, 2008
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Matt- OMG bro did you see that chick??

Nick- Ya man ehh shes ugly as hell airdaaaah!!

Matt- Bro that chick is Haggard she looks like she got hit by a train!
by Chaldean Person June 26, 2009
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