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Guts + hurting = Gurting.

Caused by: Greasy food, excessive boozing, PMSing, stress, chinese food, high fiber diets, lots and lots of apples, nervousness, improper use of anal beads, enemas, laxatives, too many Fiber One bars, phenolphthalein, prunes and prune juice, food poisoning, long distance running, cholera, and any combination of said inducers

Symptoms: Stomach achy, crampy, gassy, guts rolling, uncomfortable, afraid to fart.

Leads to: frequent bathroom trips, piss-ass, burning butthole and an all around shitty day.

CAUTION: If you are expecting to gurt, DO NOT WEAR THONG UNDERWEAR. I will only further the pain of the barking butthole. Also, playing touch tag with your underwear is truly a dangerous game on gurt days.
David: Oh man. I definately should not have drank that six pack, those blue bombers or that tequila shot. And my butthole keeps telling me the tabasco sauce on top of the chili cheese fries was a bad idea.

BaRB: Sounds like you're definately gurting.
by Barbara Dole September 15, 2010
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When 2 or more bro's get together too satisfy their go-gurt fetishes and fantasies.
I walked into mike's bedroom the other day to find him gurting with his friend, it was obvious with them being naked and having go-gurt sprayed all over their faces.
by xmidnightxx October 04, 2009
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