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British English alternative to Mother fucker.
The British television network, ITV, translated "Yippee-kayae mother fucker" a line in the American Bruce Willis film Die Hard to "Yippee-kayae kemosabe" as this was thought to be less confusing to the British audience. Mother fucker is not a common term used in British society. Kemosabe is. It might also have something to do with Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger...
John McClane (Bruce Willis in a vest): Yippee Kayae mother fucker!
Hermin (baddie with german accent): Hey?
John Mclane (Bruce Willis with no shoes on): Sorry, I mean Kemosabe!
Hermin: Ah! Danke. Das ist gut!
by gonkenstien August 17, 2012
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1.An extreme camp stance as described in the song "I'm a little tea pot".
One hand is on the hip, the other hand held at shoulder height, but with a limp wrist.
2.Someone who displays stereotypical campness.
1. "Here mate you're standing like a tea pot"
"Oh shit! Cheers mate"

2."That bloke who just put The Village People on the juke box is a right tea pot"
"You're right, shame there's no Pet Shop Boys"
by gonkenstien August 16, 2012
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1.One who acts in an odd manor, often due to OCD.

2.A true genuine weirdo, not someone who tries to be a bit "whacky".
1."That oddigun over the road fills milk bottles with his own piss and stores it in his lounge."

2."She had her dead mother stuffed and keeps her in her conservatory"
"Wow! what an oddigun."
"You should see what she's got in the kitchen."
by gonkenstien August 10, 2012
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1.A Prison where you are allowed to leave during the day to go to a place of employment, the pub, score crack or just visit the local children's playground.

2.A term used to describe a Pontins Holiday parks. However, open prisons as described in 1 are probably less grubby and better maintained. They are also frequented by fewer petty criminals.
"I've just been on a mini-break to Pontins near Burnham-on-Sea. Would have had a better time at Strangeways"
"I've heard it's a bit of an open prison"
by gonkenstien August 16, 2012
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Often used as an adverb.
Originating from the English West Country, including the city of Bristol.
Originally meaning "great" as in "great big" or "gurt big", but now is also used in place of "really", "well", "very" and "exceptionally".

"gurt lush"
"gurt smart"
These can also be abreviated to simply "gurt"
"Would you look at that donkey, ee's got a gurt bigun!"

"Tracey's gurt!"

"That bendy-bus is gurt lush!"
by gonkenstien August 17, 2012
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