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Often used as an adverb.
Originating from the English West Country, including the city of Bristol.
Originally meaning "great" as in "great big" or "gurt big", but now is also used in place of "really", "well", "very" and "exceptionally".

"gurt lush"
"gurt smart"
These can also be abreviated to simply "gurt"
"Would you look at that donkey, ee's got a gurt bigun!"

"Tracey's gurt!"

"That bendy-bus is gurt lush!"
by gonkenstien August 17, 2012
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And when you gurt me I always start laughing a little
You do it so good you make tha shit tickle-"Miss Me Kiss Me Lick Me"-Cold Flamez
by RedzJunya June 07, 2009
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Great, very large. used:Devon and part of Cornwall (England)
1. Gurtun A large one
2. Gurtbegoil A Great big hole
by Phil Staddon August 20, 2003
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Gurt is a slang-word often used in Toronto, ON. It is a word that means to get beat up, or get your as whooped.
Bruh, you stepped on my kicks. Wipe that shit off or you're about to get gurt.
by DuntrusLilot November 27, 2016
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