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When one puts yogurt on their back to "heal" a sun burn, and only get curdled smelly... awesomeness.
Danny: Hey Gurt-Gurt your really should go outside its been 5 months and it still smells.
Adam: SHUT UP! I hate you and your "I'm always right "attitude". JEEZE!"
by Not Gurt-Gurt January 28, 2011
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A little extra on your ______.
I done snuk into ma homies room while he was sleeping and said, “gimme dat Gurt-gurt.”
by Eden Ars July 27, 2018
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A gurtgurt is someone who gives very sloppy oral sex. However, it can also be used as an insult with negative connotation or with positive connotation affectionately; it depends on who said it to you and how.
Negative: "You're such a dumb fucking gurtgurt- delete your account."

Positive: "I love you, you goofy gurtgurt."
by MadamButtocks July 08, 2017
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