Hey can I have some gum? I will give you a dollar for a piece.
by IndyJones February 13, 2019
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Can I have a piece of gum? I'll give you a dollar for it.
by IndyJones February 13, 2019
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Is a negitive word, its a replacement of the statements "no, that sucked, this is gay", ect. refered to the guck that builds up in your eyes while you sleep, some times so much 'gum' builds up in your eye you cant open them, and that feeling is uncomfortable, and sucks. commonly used in North Battleford Saskatchewan
"you should gum" -used in a situation: your friend tells your girlfriend you cheated on her, you go to your friend and say to him " you should gum"
"You wanna hang or gum?" meaning do you want to hang out or are you gonna be gay and go hang out with your chick/familly/ or do a lame activity?
"Deece or gum?"- in a situation: you see a hot girl walking by, you wanna know what your friend beside you thinks about her so you ask him "deece or gum?" if he replies 'deece' he means yes/ she is decent looking/ he agrees. if he replies gum he means she is rubby/ no he does not agree/ he thinks your meesed in the head for thinking shes hot
by slib September 08, 2009
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noun- a place holder waiting for something better. Thrown out after done with.
I'm just chewing this gum until the flavor is gone.
by truedictator January 18, 2016
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by j01234567891 July 25, 2008
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Another way of saying tight, cool, sweet, awesome, etc.
Man those shoes are Gum
by wcs8888 January 27, 2010
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