the act of a toothless person, such as an old lady or a carni, giving head, and all you get is gums
That carni just gave me the best gum job!
by Dooe April 5, 2003
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Putting drugs between your gums and your mouth walls for a slow dispersion of the drug.
I got a two 50s, might try gumming them tonight.
by GrinchThatStoleTheElection January 21, 2017
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the act of molesting the inside of another person's mouth with your finger.
Emily and Natalie were sitting on the bed when they decided to start feeling one another's teeth with their fingers, which lead to the eventual feeling of the gums and the roofs of their mouths (which is a very sensual and orgasmic experience because of the sensitivity of the roof of a person's mouth.) Next, Emily started to make out with Natalie's finger.

"Emily! You're making out with my finger!"
"Oh! I am!"

This then continued and is called gumming.
by Janineeee March 8, 2008
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The act of pursuing and or purchasing new and exotic chewing gums.
"I heard there are some new orbit gum flavors out, lets go gumming!"
by vascularvines November 4, 2008
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- v. - The act of chewing marijuana in order to preserve it's presence and flavor
Gangsta 1: Schnap, I'm almost out of dope!
Gangsta 2: Try gumming, mah homie!
by Bensta November 23, 2005
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A chewy, sticky wad of flavored sugar (or sorbitol or xylitol if it's sugar-free, smarty-pants) that may come as a ball, a stick, a cube, a 6-foot strip in a pink plastic dispenser, etc. Typically flavored as either classic bubblegum, a fruit (juicy fruit, strawberry, watermelon, orange, kiwi, pineapple, dragonfruit, etc.), or some kind of mint (peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, winterfresh, sweetmint, smooth mint, polar ice, fresh mint; the list goes on. What's the difference? Don't ask me.). Common uses include sticking it under desks, putting it in people's hair, playing with it as slime, using it as a currency/bribe, breath freshener, etc.
Person 1: You got any gum?
Person 2: Yes. Mint gum. $1 per piece.
Person 1: What?! THAT'S SO -- Okay. *hands over dollar*
Person 2: Nice doing business with you. *takes dollar, then takes chewed gum out of mouth and sticks it on Person 1's hand*
by Falling Upward January 23, 2020
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An imaginary aliment suffered occasional by office employees. Actually an acronym that stands for "gotta use my sick-time." Used to describe someone who calls in sick without actually being sick simply to use up sick time before it expires.
"Bob is out sick today? I hope it's nothing serious"
"Nah, I think he just has a case of The GUMS"
by TheAdamBomb13 November 13, 2018
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