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Drag Queen term that refers to the scrotum skin sliding out from the tape tuck. The ball itself is still up, but the sack skin slides out the side of the tape and looks like chewed up bubble gum. Willam Belli has mentioned bubblegum in both of his tucking videos (censored on YouTube and uncensored on Xtube).
Oh man, it is too fucking hot in here. If I keep sweating like this, I'm gonna have a severe case of bubblegum before I even lipsync.
by agentmonet June 23, 2015
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Bubblegum Glam: A type of fashion sometimes referred to as "sugar-punk". Usually involves bright colors such as baby blue and pink, consisting of intricate designs and layers. Often including lace, ribbons, and striped toe-socks.
The next big teen trend is bubblegum glam
by Tango March 28, 2005
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A guy who just whants to be loved by someone
Bubblegum is gum
by 😪🤔😵🤔🤐 October 22, 2019
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we killed that bottle of three olive bubble and were so bubblegummed up it was insane
by billyp01 September 5, 2009
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that bitches bubblegum is real juicy.
by ashmeg January 22, 2006
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a fairly potent form of marijuana (cannibis sativa) that carries a slight aftertaste as of chewing gums
Damn, now that I'm fucked up this bubblegum tastes like some fucking Bazooka! But where's my free comic bitch?!
by brett rosenthal December 15, 2003
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A genre of music from the late 60's to the early 70's that was aimed towards pre-teen audiences. Usually involved upbeat sounds, and superficial lyrics.
"Now I'm going to listen to my favorite bubblegum artist while eating my Wonder Bread!"
by Tzeentch February 16, 2005
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